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How to strengthen the liver function of oligochitosan

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Liver cell is an important one of the body's cells, secreting, detoxification, excretion, biotransformation and other functions. Chitosan oligosaccharide has a strong adsorption, adsorption of the body of harmful heavy metals and other to...

COS is how to prevent diabetes

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Diabetes is with a certain genetic predisposition of endocrine and metabolic diseases, if not timely treatment or control the bad will lead to serious complications of cardiovascular, eye, kidney, nerve system. Chitosan oligosaccharide as...

COS is how to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy and ch

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Use of medicinal chemistry, tissue cells mutate, intermediate acidic metabolites increase the burden on the liver and kidney, chitosan oligosaccharide can and many kinds of harmful substances to form complexes, favorable excretion, detoxif...

Oligochitosan inhibitcell toxin

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Oligochitosan can effectively inhibit cancer toxin, and strong adsorption can adsorption cancer toxin, effectively remove evil fluid to pledge, thereby improving the symptoms, increase appetite, relieve the pain. Recently a lot of practic...