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COS is how to inhibit cancer cell metastasis

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Vascular channels are metastasis of cancer cells, cancer cells only in acidic conditions attached in the vascular wall surface adhesive molecule, can be transferred to other organs of the body. Chitosan oligosaccharide than cancer cells s...

How is the anticancer of chitosan oligosaccharide

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

COS is the positively charged dietary fiber, can form dense inclusions in the surface of cancer cells, to:A, prevent food supply to the cancer cells, the division was reduced, restricting the cancer cell division;Second, the reduction ...

COS is how to prevent cancer mutations

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Human health every day will produce more than 1 million cancer cells and chitosan oligosaccharide is with basic groups of the polysaccharide, can make the blood pH to alkaline shift, resulting in the activation of lymphocytes, put it in a...

Why can relieve the oligochitosan aggregation of erythrocyte

Date:2015-05-19 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

The cause of red cell aggregation is because the Constitution in the acidification of the, asymmetric proteins in blood increases, the molecules that affect red blood cells of the electrostatic properties, resulting in reduction of surfac...