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How is the oligochitosan in regulating blood lipid

Date:2015-05-18 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

High cholesterol is produced by reducing triglyceride, high cholesterol or low density lipoprotein increased high density lipoprotein. Hyperlipemia symptoms was not obvious, is often neglected, but clinically proven disease of tall blood ...

COS is how to adjust blood pressure

Date:2015-05-18 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Hypertension is a common disease endangering human health, modern medicine has revealed that chloride ion is the culprit causing hypertension. Chitosan oligosaccharide by virtue of the unique positively charged characteristics, and was ne...

COS is how to enhance the immune function of human body

Date:2015-05-18 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

80% human diseases are disorders and immune function degradation and related, 80% of deaths are related to immune collapse and end. Chitosan oligosaccharide enters the human body, the formation of cationic groups, and human cells have affi...

Why is dear of oligochitosan on human cells

Date:2015-05-18 Writer:Weikang Source:www.wkcos8688.com

Glucosamine is a basic unit of human cells, an important material, hyaluronic acid, "and on the cell with induction and repair and general human body does not produce rejection, but also promote cell activation.