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Shandong Wei Kang Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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Leader Speech

Joy filled with arduous sweat, success. Shandong Wei Kang biological pharmaceutical technology Co., Ltd. 2014 achieved success is created jointly by all renweikang, also by all renweikang share. At the same time, don't forget to give social elites love should repay.

By 2015, we will face more severe challenges, many uncertain factors that need to be we continue to face and research, we need to reform, innovation and improvement to adapt to new market requirements, in order to maintain our competitive advantage, we need to modest, diligent, effort, down-to-earth work, in order to make our Weikang biology based on the position. Man road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. The new year opened a new hope, a new journey new dream. Let us continue to unite, be of one heart and one mind, and write a new chapter in Wei Kang dream!

In this, I wish everyone in 2015 to progress together with our customers, good cooperation, can allow many new and old friends work together, friendship.