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Scientific Research Strength

Technical advantages:
Garden plant built with modern chitooligosaccharides workshop and product testing center. GMP production workshop in full compliance with national standards, staff undergo rigorous training and have passed the examination. Utmost to prevent confusion caused in the production process, error, contamination and cross-contamination. The use of advanced core technologies enzyme degradation technology plus advanced membrane separation equipment to ensure high-quality products chitooligosaccharides. Products through a food safety review and assessment of the country, received a new approval from the government food ingredients, food safety is guaranteed by the State Food and Drug Administration food production enterprise production conditions audit, obtained the first domestic food production license cards, products are highly competitive.
Characterized as:
★ water-soluble, the body's absorption rate (greater than 99% water soluble, the body's absorption rate of 99.88 percent, 20 times the rate of absorption of chitosan)
★ intake is less effective (effective dose daily intake of 0.3-0.5 g)
★ difficult for the body to break down the system of digestive enzymes (digestive enzymes can not break down chitooligosaccharides collection, its energy is almost zero, will not affect blood glucose levels, insulin does not increase blood glucose concentration, suitable for high blood pressure, diabetes and other patients )
★ human security, non-toxic side effects
Product Features
★ three rows: remove excess cholesterol, removal of heavy metals, toxins
★ three down: lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, blood fat
★ Three anti: anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, anti-radiation
★ Three notes: immune regulation, regulation of intestinal, endocrine regulation