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Talent Concept

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Health care life / defend
Corporate mission is the soul of an enterprise. It China health Kang, to focus on health, human health care service
[enterprise] view
Fight for the cause of human health beautiful life!
Enterprise employees are the core human resources, common struggle. People engaged in human health and beauty Kang of pride and self-reliance for the cause of God
[enterprise] vision
Wish all people life is different because of me
Enterprise vision is the ultimate goal of the enterprise. Weikang persistent health undertakings, to the tireless efforts of self, to the health of the people of the world, for the world people have a better life and assiduous
Scientific and technological innovation, quality first
Business philosophy determines the enterprise's idea and attitude. Vistakon among the national high and new technology enterprise, constantly to the spirit of innovation to provide more scientific and technological achievements of the products, with strict quality inspection system for the public to provide assured products
To make a difference, innovation to enhance the brand value, service to win the competition!
Draw the blueprint for the development of enterprise strategy. Vistakon to leading innovation, maintain differentiated products more high-tech, to excellent quality, reputation Legend brand enhance the value of full range and responsible attitude, stand out in the market competition.
[enterprise talent]
The talent with virtue, exceptional use; not only virtuous, the use of training; talent without virtue, resolutely not
The most basic and important capital is not money or other things, but the staff. Vistakon respect every employee's personality and dignity, respect for the interests of employees and values. But Wei Kang has its own employment criteria: de centered, only for moral, is always the first element of talent selection
Use the system to control the human nature, the cohesion of the people, with the cultural brand success in life
The staff and the enterprise is a community of interests, complement each other. Wei Kang adhere to share the interests of the enterprise and employee, to human nature of the management system to guide the staff development, stimulate employee competence and cohesion to corporate culture, so that each employee in Weikang have their success in life
[competition] view
Advocate macro alliance, adhere to the cooperation development in the competition, win-win cooperation
Competition is a contest of speed, bearing and demeanor. Competition can make gold light, competition can stimulate human potential, competitive enterprises can awaken the infinite vitality. Wei Kang has outstanding team and macro joint bearing, the proud heritage of the competition and cooperation, successful past and existing resources given our participation in the competition of confidence
[] market concept
Do not seek a global insufficient to seek a field and will to a certain time
Enterprise is a profit organization, enterprises need to realize the value of the business operators in the market. Wei Kang, adhere to the sustainable development of the market macro management, not limited to a time domain, and to develop the vision of the future
[view] enterprise quality
The quality of the product, is the quality of personality
Quality is the lifeline of enterprise. Wei Kang to the quality of Li Shi, stick to do product is a man of quality, constantly character to measure the product, establish the world first-class product quality control assurance system