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Bio industry is facing rare opportunities for development

Date:2015-05-19 11:30:01 Writer:Weikang

Abstract: biological industry is facing rare opportunities for development, but at the same time, there are also many challenges in food safety and health hazards and sustainable development.

In recent years, a series of major breakthrough of life science research, biotechnology development are rapidly breeding and the birth of a new industrial revolution. The emergence of a large number of new bio pharmaceutical products, genetically modified crops planting area increased sharply, bio manufacturing, bio energy, bio environmental protection and other a number of high-tech industry cluster flourish. China's bio industry is moving in 2020 to become the pillar industry of national economy goal strides.

In this context, the high technology industry department of the national development and Reform Commission jointly by the National Development Bank, science in China, such as newspaper unit, the organization launched the "China Bio technology and Industry Development Forum". Forum will be regularly bio industry development related basic research at the frontiers of science problems, in the field of biological engineering technology and industry development and in combination of various launched effective dialogue and discussion.

We first chose to "Bio Industry and social responsibility" as the theme, the background is based on current was a noisy uproar in the biological field of social hot events, such as golden rice, liquor plasticizer, poison capsule, crash chicken. But what is regrettable, in the communication process of these hot issues, even if the scientific content has become a widespread concern about the object, but in most cases, the scientific community in general chose the absence. Equally regrettable is that traditional scientific communication circles also in these hot issues, lack of focus on, which makes the public attention that many of these events, missed the obtained scientific support and even get through the scientific method to judge the ability of the opportunity, that now the public to talk about "genetically modified" pale, smell "additive" angry.

Whether in Beijing or in Hainan, the forum has been the strong support of the academicians, experts, entrepreneurs, government industry leaders such as from all walks of life, their insights, itself is in the long-term practice of biological industries of deep thinking, also on their bio industry health sustainable development Yanyinqipan.

Extracts a partial view, readers.

Chinese Academy of Engineering Chen Junshi: to deal with food safety risk analysis framework

At present, China's food safety situation is not satisfactory, but the situation is not bad as people imagine. The root of the false impression is that both government officials and the general public, or part of the academic circles, awareness of food safety problems exist many errors.

First, the consumer demand for food safety "zero" risk, but the risk is not "zero" science is not exist.

Second, too much emphasis on chemical pollution, neglect of foodborne diseases. And foodborne illness each year as a result of illness and death number of amazing, this is our country and even the world's number one food safety issues.

Third, from government departments to the ordinary people, the food of fake and shoddy generalize and food safety to draw an equal sign, will also be carcinogenic contaminants of food equivalent to carcinogenic food, substandard food or food poisoning. The deviation of this judgment in the invisible exaggerated food safety problems.

How to treat and solve the food safety? International has matured and been accepted programme is the "risk analysis framework, including risk assessment, risk management and risk communication, scientists in which plays an important role.

Risk assessment is a pure science, the experts based on scientific evidence and on a certain kind of food insecurity or harm for quantitative assessment; risk management is experts to scientific assessment of the information passed to the formulation of laws, regulations and standards of government decision makers, they according to the risk assessment results to develop the corresponding measures and management.

Risk communication is scientists in addition to the evaluation results timely delivery to the government decision makers, but also passed on to consumers, food production, processing, and other business enterprises, industry associations, and other interested parties. Among these stakeholders of information exchange is very important, and also to ensure information exchange process is completely transparent.

If we can follow such a framework to deal with the food safety problem, not a headache medicine head, piecemeal, believe that food safety issues will be less and less.

Ren Zhiwu, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Department of high tech industry: Bio industry must take

Two years ago, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council after the situation, the overall situation, decided to speed up the development of the development of biotechnology and other emerging industries of strategic importance, this is a significant strategic decision is the future adjustment of the industrial structure and the development of science and technology made by the party Central Committee and the State Council direction of major strategic deployment.

Only last year, the total output value of China's biological industry reached 2.4 trillion yuan, to maintain growth of around 20%. In the rapid growth of the industrial scale at the same time, bio industry economic benefits can be greatly improved. The first quarter of this year, the pharmaceutical industry will achieve a total profit of 25740000000 yuan, an increase of 24.3%. And other industries have to approach somebody's greatness.

Results are indeed gratifying, we should also look into the problem: population growth and aging trend is more and more serious, people's health care needs will continue to grow; continuously improve the standard of living, people will to health, green food, quality environment proposed higher requirements; the grim situation of resource shortage and environment deterioration, the bio industry proposed more urgent requirements; in addition, the rise of international trade protectionism, and tendency to spread to the biological industry and other emerging industries.

In the face of the grim situation, China's biotechnology industry to especially for health, agriculture, the great demand of energy, environmental protection and other fields, strengthen macro guidance and coordination, strengthen the elements of support for the development of Bio Industry, give full play to leading role of biological industry of economic development, and promote rapid and healthy development of the biotechnology industry.

At the same time, we must accelerate the transformation and application of technology, promote the development of industrial clustering; we want to in the mechanism innovation to do some exploration, jump out of the traditional laboratory studies of the inertia of thinking, in original innovation based on considering the advance of the whole chain, formed with the international competitiveness of emerging industries.

Li Lianda: Chinese Academy of Engineering Science and technology workers should have the courage to tell the truth

Science and technology workers should stand in the position of the people, to protect the interests of the state, the national dignity, always put the interests of the people in the first place. In today's society, food, drug "incident" occurred. We should stick to the truth, adhere to the principle, to distinguish between right and wrong, to people, society, national interests and national dignity is heavy. Scientists especially competent officials should be more so.

Therefore, scientific and technical workers not only to strengthen research work, improve food and drug quality and safety, ensure the safety of the masses, should actively study, modify, and to improve the quality standard of food and medicines, to achieve the national standard, and strive for the internationally recognized, especially the quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine.

The competent departments should be to strengthen the supervision and management work, make illegal, substandard, or even toxic products, early discovery early investigation, and in front of the market circulation to be stopped.

In addition to strengthen the propaganda of popular science, improve the scientific literacy of the masses, to preliminary identify the authenticity of the advantage of food and drug, prevent deceived: and the courage to report and expose entrap masses. The news media should strengthen the news authenticity, objectivity, fairness and science, not keen to press speculation, is not identified, adding fuel to the flames, refrain from misleading the public misunderstanding and have a bad influence in society.

Beijing City Association vice president Zhou Lijun: science should be the people's livelihood concerns as the focus

The level of scientific literacy of the citizens is a measure of an important symbol of a country's comprehensive national strength, related to the humane environment of social and economic development, related to people to participate in public affairs and the realization of the ideals and aspirations of ability. Therefore, to carry out the popularization of science, strengthen national science education more and more attention of all countries. Popularization of science lies in improving the scientific literacy of the public, and people's scientific literacy involves requirements of knowledge, ability and attitude to science aspects. According to the definition of the outline of scientific literacy, citizens have basic scientific literacy to understand the necessary knowledge of science and technology, master the basic scientific method, establish a scientific thought, advocating scientific spirit, and has used them processing actual problem, the ability to participate in public affairs. The quality improvement is a long-term process, the popularization of science cannot accomplish at one stroke. Foundation of scientific literacy in education, only national education years a substantial increase, the scientific literacy of the public to have a larger increase, so the public science literacy of the western developed countries is much higher than in our country is not surprising.

Lookback science course, from the public passive acceptance, to emphasize science communication, to the public to consciously participate in, reflecting the science concept of development and progress. Overall, science form and level of social and economic development to adapt, and technological progress especially associated with information and communication technology upgrade. Regardless of the form of science to keep pace with the times, but scientists as a source of popular science status will not change, scientists in carrying out scientific research to promote the progress of science and technology at the same time, should fulfill the popularity of the social responsibilities of science to the public.

The content of science should be aimed at the social hot spot especially to echo the people's livelihood concerns. With the rapid development of social economy, continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the society and its degree is also getting higher and higher, the food safety, environmental pollution, health and other become social focus. Because of the public's lack of professional knowledge, will inevitably cause panic in public events, and even the formation of group events. So we should put the public issues of public concern as the popular science focus, the scientists to the public to dispel misunderstanding, let science be the best voice, make rational smooth restless mood, let mainstream media to prevent speculation rumors spread. To in the whole society to create respect science advocates scientific atmosphere, scientists for popularization of science and public service platform, but also to have an in-depth study of science communication rules, science popularization for and effective enhancement.

Chinese researcher of Social Sciences Institute of industrial economics Ji Pomin: popular science for the right track

The necessity and importance of science popularization, everyone's understanding is more consistent. But scientific knowledge in communication will produce some problems. This is because natural science to explore the "natural law", involving only a "true" and "false" problem; and Natural Science in the process of communication and diffusion, entered the public domain, dropped to human society "is not" nest the.

At this time, you need to combine with the natural science social science. Because it is one of the big differences between social science and natural science, the study of human society, in addition to the "rules", namely "true" and "false" problem and a moral problems, namely "good" and "evil".

Exploration of "law", "moral epistemology, discussion", belongs to ethics. Ethics is higher than that of epistemology, some scholars think that the study of kant. The problem, if due to lack of awareness and in a state of blindness, dissemination and popularization of scientific knowledge, sometimes unexpected fell into the trap.

This is a historical precedent. Due to the influence of European political culture and colonial expansion trend, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, "Darwinism" distortion for "social Darwinism" and popular. "Social Darwinism" is a kind of evil social and political thought, it is not Darwin's theory. The spread and poison the European social Churchill even "Du Darwinism" as an important cause of the first World War.

Historical experience should be paid attention to, dissemination and popularization of scientific knowledge are not a social gospel, sometimes falling disaster trap.

The national health and Family Planning Commission of medical science and Technology Development Research Center Director Li Qing: focus on "dumbbell" ends

Compared with other areas, the bio industry has many characteristics of the emerging industries, such as energy saving, less pollution, technology and knowledge intensive. In the biological development of strategic emerging industries, transformation of policy changes brought by the reform of system of science and technology, health care reform brings opportunities for change and social development needs, science and technology strategy and the idea of change, is the produced an important role.

At this stage, the development of biological industry in our country is not balanced, policies, laws and regulations still need to improve.

And specific to the bio pharmaceutical and health industry development, two "dumbbell" concept to be clear and strengthen.

On bio pharmaceutical enterprises, enterprise is a dumbbell, two "big head", and the other end is the innovation and technology development, and the other end is the market marketing, the workshop, the production line is intermediate "put" and should not be too much effort. Therefore, must carry on the adjustment in the train of thought, realize the industrialization process and service, technology research and development of each stage can be directly into industry.

In the health sector, a dumbbell is prevention without disease, the other end is the rehabilitation after treatment. As the middle of the part, the policy is too strong, but people pay more attention to, when sick to go to the hospital, but do not enjoy timely and effective service. From the industry point of view, if to "dumbbell" one after the big two, perhaps the opportunity will be more.

National Development Bank review two bureau director Liu Yong: the financial development for the community to provide internal power

At present, bio industry is facing rare opportunities for development, but at the same time, there are also many challenges in food safety and health hazards and sustainable development. Financial institutions should bear, and can do.

To the National Development Bank, for example, hot face how to let people eat more safe and comfortable this social concern, to safeguard the city's food safety, stable price and supply to the market. In 2011, the National Development Bank and Beijing the first agricultural group signed amounted to 300 billion yuan of the support of the capital "food basket" three security system, the construction of a cooperation agreement ", to help them in the capital market to broaden the financing channels and issued $10 billion of medium-term notes. Also for the promotion of grass-roots development of medical and health undertakings, CDB also focus on the county, township and village of medical and health system and procurement system construction support.

In short, as banks and other financial institutions, both to the objectives and methods of social construction to strengthen the financial development, but also to financial development results for the development of the society provide strong impetus. For the biological industry, future CDB will continue to support provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of major biological industrial layout of the project, pushing to have the independent intellectual property rights and the international competitiveness of enterprises to expand the international market, to carry out international cooperation. And will continue to strengthen the communication between stakeholders, the integration of social responsibility strategy and operation of enterprises in the field of biology, boost the sustainable development. At the same time, will also actively guide commercial banks, mutual support and promote the development of biotechnology industry.

Director of Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lin Min: do not put the demons of genetically modified food

In 2011, 75% of the world's population living in already approved planting of genetically modified crops in the country or imported. At present, there are 57 countries importing transgenic crops in the world. "The safety of genetically modified food is not conclusive" media is a common saying, but this argument is wrong. World food organization and the Health Organization believes that any listed by the safety assessment of genetically modified food, food and traditional security, you can rest assured that food and public do not need to fear and resistance of genetically modified foods.

Moreover, transgenic crops is worth popularizing in poor areas, to solve the food shortage problem. Now the situation is that genetically modified crops planting a large number of fast developing countries, to reduce the price of food, reduce the use of pesticides.

"Golden rice" event, the reason that causes the people the intense discussions on ethics, is because of two key words: children and Americans. To children as the experimental object program does not conform to the provisions of the experiment, can arouse people's questions and alert, and disclosure of events seems to coincide the Americans "conspiracy theory".

Therefore, not only by a few ethical issues will a advanced scientific achievements demonized, "golden rice" event is not the problem of food safety. It's a moral issue and regulatory issues.

Although most countries in Europe has not approved the planting of genetically modified crops, but a large number of imports of transgenic soybeans and feed to support the price of food. Worth learning is the European Food Safety Authority has specifically transgenic Committee, timely, scientific, objective and authoritative response to genetically related events.

At present, China's farmland area is not sufficient to support the rigid demand of grain in a population of over 1.3 billion, China imports of genetically modified food is inevitable.

Biotechnology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences researcher Huang Dafang: strengthen science communication, social responsibility

The pace of development of science and technology of the people's Republic of China greatly exceeded the strength of science communication, the scientific literacy of the citizens and the advanced science and technology does not adapt.

If the correct view of science is not established, misleading rumors to confuse people, the importance of popular science propaganda lies in this. The responsibility of scientists not only lies in the research work of diligence, still to teach the correct scientific knowledge to the masses, improve people's scientific literacy and judgment.

Other duties, shall comply with the minimum standards of scientists is the science of ethics, integrity is based on the book. "Golden rice" event due to failed to follow procedures, no necessary declarations, neglect of public right to know, individual scientists did not comply with the ethics of scientific criterion, and lead the masses of golden rice quality questioned. And the golden rice itself and no safety issues, nutrition experiments understandable, International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines research institutions of transgenic rice has been done lots of safety evaluation, golden rice to human health and the environment effect and no adverse feedback, transgenic and non transgenic food safety.

The safety of genetically modified food and the legitimacy of the golden rice test is the two category, can not be confused. This matter reminded scientists, do a good job in the publicity and popularization of science and to abide by the state laws and ethics, separately to emphasize one aspect will affect the effect of science.

Executive vice president of Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association Luo Xielong: honesty is the pharmaceutical enterprises "sword"

Pharmaceutical products directly related to people's health and life safety, so pharmaceutical enterprises in the pursuit of economic interests at the same time, should dare to assume more social responsibility, the most important thing is honesty.

First, the quality of the products to be honest. "With a conscience to do drugs, do the responsible drug" is every pharmaceutical companies to comply with the principle of. For example, some of the proprietary Chinese medicine preparation containing Chinese medicinal composition, if pharmaceutical enterprises in the production process of put a little, production out of the drug from the appearance, you don't see, but definitely will reduce product efficacy, thereby affecting the patient's treatment.

Second, the price system to be honest. There should be clear, pharmaceutical companies absolutely can not excessive pursuit of profits, too high to improve product prices, while ignoring social responsibility.

Third, publicity to integrity. Enterprise publicity of any product, be sure to follow the efficacy of the product itself, taking into account the mass of can acceptance, not over exaggerate the efficacy.

In government regulation, we definitely have room for improvement: first of all, the relevant laws and regulations is not perfect, especially in the details of some of the files, and the supporting did not keep up with the pace, resulting in the file execution process is "aliasing"; secondly, the regulation for the motion, and did not form a normal working mechanism; finally, the regulation level is uneven, often with regulators will level, about, lack of objective assessment of regulatory system.

China Academy of Sciences Major Science and technology task Bureau researcher Liu Jie: biological resources and environment biotechnology to promote social change

The world is in a biological technology as the core of the new revolution of science and technology on the eve of. Some people even think, the rise of the "bio economy" will be will have a significant impact on the current era of social and economic development pattern.

Innovation in any economic and social transformation and technological innovation all cannot do without the concept, culture and system. The intellectual must recognize and grasp the value and spirit of the new era, recognize the historical mission and responsibility.

On biological technology as the core of contemporary science and technology revolution promoted the natural economic transition to a market economy, and promote the open society and the ideological liberation, from all walks of life in China is irresistible was pushed into the a "wage" of the era.

In the past based on the basis of the natural economy to maintain solidarity within the country groups boundaries, grades, and the circle is demolished gradually. By deconstruction of traditional relationship, in front of the market become independent, simple. And today, our efforts to the construction of a free and democratic "open society" is at all levels of government officials transformation into people's "wage earners." Under the new social condition in general, the various relations of society as a whole need to re adjust, the principle of life need to re form and the spirit of the times point horizon.

Therefore, in the spirit of the times is still not fully established in the particular stage of development shall in-depth reflection in the historical process of the emergence of various problems, based in higher theoretical level to adapt to the development trend in real life the spirit of the times provide an ideological basis. Social responsibility should be from the "work" of the more urgent "adults" start a new survival mode and way of life design, prompted "migrant workers" into a modern industrial workers, rather than some clueless, barge about senior "migrant workers" reborn.

Anhui Huaheng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. chairman Guo Henghua: Bio Industry brings opportunities for China

Bio industry is following the information industry and the world's emerging strategic industries, but with the information industry make human life become convenient and efficient different is, bio industry makes human life to maintain health and safety to sustainable.

The development of biotechnology to straw, seaweed and other traditional waste and low value species turned into sugar, fuel and other products, which burst out higher commercial value. Bio Medical Technology, bio breeding technology is directly related to life and health.

And biological manufacturing technology is in favor to renewable resources to replace not renewable resources, to clean and efficient processing method instead of traditional pollution processing mode, food, medicine, chemical industry, from raw materials on the basis of renewable, more security, environmental protection, in line with the cycle the economy and the construction of ecological civilization of mankind, which will to the world of traditional industries such as mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. produced tremendous change.

Bio Industry on human health and ecological balance of the earth produced more far-reaching, the development of bio industry will in a certain extent repair past the industrial age of the earth over exploitation caused damage. No doubt, the bio based material instead of chemical materials, manufacturing to replace the traditional chemical production has become a major trend in biology.

China's biological industry practitioners should make full use of the advantage of our flexible start, to seize the strategic high ground, to form clusters leading advantage in the biotechnology industry.

Awe and maintenance of civilization for the survival of nature and space, make the world healing rather than destruction, profits will not from suffering, which is biological industry to undertake the historical mission.

Shandong hilead biotech Co. Ltd. chairman Cao Wubo: biotechnology industry brought light

Biotechnology has been investors dubbed "the next round of the Internet bubble, hilead biologic but with practical action to prove that biotechnology can bring the light of industry.

3 years of time, hilead biologic has annual production of long chain dicarboxylic acid 3 million tons capacity, become the biggest enterprise of the global production capacity of similar products. In fact, Han Lin biological success secret quite simple: respect for science strength and mature business means protect its research and development interests.

The king in the R & D hilead, biology, research workers enjoy the highest courtesy and respect. For the cultivation of talents introduction and technical workers, we always spare no effort. Because, hilead more hope that they can become the ideal world of scientists.

For biotech companies, will experience a very difficult time, pure R & D capability and can not become the enterprise's final appeal. Under the pressure of international financial environment is deteriorating, domestic real economic slump, the plight of hilead biologic probably represents the situation faced by China's many biotechnology companies.

But undeniable is, biotechnology companies have a broad prospect: gene therapy is expected to overcome cancer, diabetes and other chronic disease; through the biological chip technology, just a few months can find a more effective new drug targets; bio chemical alternative to the traditional chemical industry's ongoing.

Tough time will past, hilead biologic always believe that scientific research strength, I believe that as long as we persist in policies of sustainable development of green, environmental protection, to absorb the "government, industry, research, science experts in the field as a guide, with more advanced and professional technology, will promote enterprise development.

Paul Biological Park Polytron Technologies Inc President Wu Qing: stand in the height of social responsibility service national strategy

Bio Industry as a national strategic emerging industries, compared with other industries, should to assume more social responsibility; not only for social welfare contributions, need more stand in the height of the service of the national strategy to bear their social responsibility.

At present, our country is facing the increasingly serious aging of population, food security, energy and resource shortage, deterioration of ecological environment challenges, like cadmium rice "," crash chicken "and other events emerge in an endless stream. In order to guarantee the health of the population, food security and promote energy saving and emission reduction, we need to accelerate new drugs, new crop varieties, planting green technology, biofuels and biomass power generation, bio environmental technology, bio based products to develop and promote the use of.

We bring the bio industry development has also accelerated the social benefit show. Biotechnology and biological products have been widely used, bio industry to improve population health, food security and energy security, promote green growth, improve the ecological environment and increase employment opportunities and other function improved significantly.

We believe that, with the national of the importance of food safety and environmental resources, bio industry vigorous development brings us is not only economical growth and the changes of its material life, and philosophy of life changes.

China Fuyuan biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. chairman Yu Zailin: biological medicine must continue to increase support

In April this year, from 15 countries more than 150 clinicians joint in the blood, hematology, magazine published a public statement and discussion and pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of the cancer overpriced and pharmaceutical companies, as well as the doctor's professional ethics problems complain.

Of new drug research and development costs, success rate is extremely low, clinical drug approval procedures are complicated and long factors, impede patients obtain meaningful treatment and service opportunities. Personnel of research and development, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, hospitals and government need to recognize this problem and to pharmacoeconomics "as resistance into a important considerations. Has the practical significance of the "green medicine" is consistent with the world of modern drug development and market access approved the idea.

After "863" and "creation of major new drugs special execution, the state in the field of life sciences and health continuous input research funding, led the Chinese pharmaceutical companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises to increase R & D investment in the field, has made significant progress. Now, bio pharmaceutical industry in the world has not yet formed, still dominated by a small number of multinational companies, China in the bio pharmaceutical industry, technology, talent and scientific research in the field of basic, with the world advanced level in the gap between the minimum. With original molecular structure of drugs, drug effect of new drug research and development, because the lower development cost, low production cost, lower in patients with times of administration and clinical therapeutic effect better is more should be as the main direction of research and development and to give greater support.

Biological medicine should also continue to increase efforts to support and promote more scientific achievement industrialization, marketization, promote the pharmaceutical industry and clinical application of the healthy development.

Baolingbao biological Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Liu Feng: "Science + science" to build a new public health defense

On June 5, the Ministry of Health issued a notice, in the nationwide medical institutions set of clinical nutrition; pilot, which means that countries will recognize the role of nutrition in the treatment of disease. For a long time, nutrition, weeding, mixed in public on the nutrition mixed, resulting in the nutrition industry development in China lags behind the development of the whole national economy. To strengthen the supervision and guidance, using scientific methods to popularize the knowledge of nutrition and health, is represent the general trend.

Now, the mass of functional foods, functional food mass of is becoming the consensus of the entire food industry, people's demand for food is no longer merely on the pursuit of taste, health food is the food industry's largest development direction. By adding in food with nutrition and health factors of functional ingredients, so that the ordinary food with functional properties, has become the consensus of the development of the food industry. Prebiotics, probiotics, dietary fiber, plant extract, no sugar factor etc. new functional elements, making the development of food industry with more choices and direction.

The prerequisite for the development and expanding of the health industry is recognized by consumers, and consumer market maturity is a growing process. Due to the earlier nutrition does not regulate the development, leading to the consumer to the prejudice of the industry as a whole, also need a long-term process to change. China at present, all kinds of unhealthy eating habits also need to constantly changing and optimization, these need to scientific way to carry out the popularization of knowledge of nutrition and health, so that people can be completely realized, what is a healthy lifestyle, and change the past unreasonable way of life.

Bowling company based in nutrition and health industry, biological technology to provide in the field of nutrition and health ingredients and solutions, to actively promote the development of functional foods in China. 2013 bowling Bowes United National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office, to carry out the oligo + Health Express "action, in order to improve public comprehensive level of nutrition and health as a result of this effort. We believe that more and more organizations and enterprises will be added to the health promotion action, the level of nutrition and health in China will continue to develop and benefit to society, the benefit of the people.

The general manager of Beijing Paderborn Biotechnology Development Co., Du transfer agency: not pharmaceutical enterprises lose social responsibility

After 30 years of reform and opening up, the development of enterprises in our country has been through the early stages of life. During this period, the enterprise needs to want to have higher development, self-discipline and conscience is particularly important, especially in relation to tens of millions of people's health and life of pharmaceutical enterprises, should have their own moral bottom line, adhere to the quality and curative effect of the product to open up the market.

Of course, in market tide of driving, pharmaceutical enterprises really need wisdom to weigh between economic profit and social responsibility of relationship. Do the original intention of the enterprise is in order to make a profit, but we are made by enterprises received in return, rather than in order to earn money to do business. If you think the things can't afford so much social responsibility, then you in their own small field. Do what harm to the society, which is equivalent to you to undertake the social responsibility. In fact, sometimes social responsibility is not too high, within the scope of their abilities.

In addition, in the products and services to the patients, pharmaceutical enterprises should establish a concept: to strict customs of raw materials, with the best raw materials to produce conforming to the social and public needs high quality products.

Yi Jian and biologics development limited company General Manager Gao: chemical agriculture needs to transition to ecological agriculture

From Guangzhou cadmium rice events is not difficult to see that the food safety problems of agricultural products is the whole society, it should be resolved by the joint efforts of the whole society. For a few people have the necessary responsibility, but can not fundamentally solve the problem.

Tracing to its source, pollution of cadmium in rice caused by soil pollution, soil pollution may caused by water pollution or sewage irrigation, organic fertilizer pollution. The heavy metal accumulation in food chain, finally enter the body, serious harm to human health. Therefore, to prevent soil pollution is the key.

In the polluted soil, should take active and effective measures to govern repair, more economical and effective method is the use of microbial transformation of heavy metals. On the one hand to reduce fertilizer, pesticide application amount and protect the soil microbial community; on the other hand to pay attention to the use of microbial fertilizers, micro ecological preparation living microorganism preparation, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in soil.

Therefore, we put forward the "three integration" concept, that is, bio fertilizer and organic fertilizer perfect fusion; bio organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer perfect fusion; biological pesticide and perfect fusion of both as soon as possible to get rid of our agricultural situation of long-term dependence on chemical fertilizers. The use of bio organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer than the transition from 1:9 to 4:6 or 5:5 by science. In order to ensure the soil improvement, enhance crop resistance, promoting early maturing crops, improve crop quality based on, and strive to achieve excellent production, high yield and stable yield.

Through this method to change the way of agricultural production, the path of development of ecological agriculture. Only the transition from the "chemical agriculture" to "ecological agriculture", a good environment to the formation of long-term soil conservation.

Manhattan capital investment company (Hangzhou) President Wang Jin: "first blood, to blood transfusion"

Social responsibility of investors and entrepreneurs as the pharmaceutical industry, the primary goal should not be mercenary, but should be through the development of innovative and development and production and for the public to provide safe and effective products and services.

Any of a pharmaceutical enterprise, must have the basic ability to self survival, to seek development and social responsibility. If the company does not have "hematopoiesis", all become empty.

For a company entered a steady growth of pharmaceutical enterprises, how to win more customers and market?

First, focus on innovation and development. There are many diseases also cannot get early diagnosis and effective treatment, pharmaceutical companies should pay attention to the clinical need for drug and device development.

Secondly, focus on quality and quality. Whether it is innovative drugs and generics, must attach great importance to quality and quality, the health and life of people rely to high-quality, safe and effective drugs, equipment, vaccines and diagnostic reagents. Again, pay attention to the economic benefit and social benefit balance. Any enterprise can not only profit, regardless of social responsibility and public interest. In addition, pay attention to public relations and public interests. Followed by attention to social responsibility of enterprises will have a certain strength and accumulation in the enterprise, the implementation of certain public welfare undertakings, such as to poor patients donated drugs and medical devices, to provide free treatment.

Finally, drugs, medical devices and supplies enterprises should pay attention to the development and promotion of ordinary people can afford, this is particularly important.

Institute of Microbiology Information Center Director Ma Juncai: the development of power industry biological information platform

With the development of life science, biotechnology in health care, agriculture, environmental protection, light industry, food and other important areas play a more and more important role. World biological technology has begun to enter the stage of large-scale industrialization, the state will Bio Industry as a strategic emerging industry be attach great importance, related to the biological industry development planning, have been introduced, period of rapid development of the biological industry has arrived.

Under the background of digitalization, informatization and globalization, how to use the website, media and information resources, prosperity biotechnology innovation, broaden technology communication channels, training of professional personnel, establish biological organization of network information and promote information exchange and knowledge sharing has become the domestic biotechnology research institutions and production enterprises in the background of the rapid development of bio industry need to solve the problem.

To strengthen the cooperative development of China's biological industry, China Biotechnology and Bio Industry Information Alliance through to promote the media and the government, enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, all kinds of investment and financing mechanism in the strategic level the effective combination of, the further integration of technology, capital, market, industry, talent and other key elements, and decision making for the Bio Industry and biotechnology provide necessary information support. At the same time, union also collect, collate, summarize a variety of industry information, tracking the domestic and international market trends and the latest technology, providing information services for enterprises, government and society, organization and carry out international cooperation and exchanges in the biological technology and industry, to build a communication platform for the industry, seeking to expand overseas cooperation opportunity, promote the rapid development of the national biotechnology industry.

Armin biological CEO John: Su halal food safety assurance system power

In recent years, food safety problems have exposed the shaken consumer confidence in the most basic social public.

Amin biological as domestic halal biotech industry leading enterprises, founded 10 years dedicated to researching, developing and producing halal biotech products. But a lot of people understanding of halal food could only stay in a 'do not eat pork "on the surface, in fact, halal is a very strict system, to ensure not only the product of halal of, but also a set of effective food safety guarantee system.

Most of the food safety problem is reflected in two aspects, one is to reduce the cost of the use of inferior or even non food grade raw materials and events such as the old yogurt; the second is added some illegal or harmful ingredients in the food production process, events such as plasticizer. And the halal assurance system in these two areas have strict and even called demanding, can effectively eliminate hidden dangers.

Halal assurance system not only the source of the main raw material has a strict control and requirement, the entire production process using all additives also have strict supervision and control, manufacturers must use according to audit the security and reliable materials or additives through, absolutely not allow oneself, feel free to add material.

"Hunger breeds discontentment, food makes safety a priority". In recent years, a growing number of domestic food, drug and cosmetic enterprises is to promote and implement the halal assurance system. We also hope to promote the domestic halal assurance system for food safety to output.

The Beijing based Sinovac Brand Manager Liu Peicheng: with rigorous scientific attitude, social responsibility

Management guru Peter Drucker once said, the company exists not for myself, but for a specific goal to achieve social and in order to meet the needs of a society, group or individual.

In 2010 in Shanxi vaccine events before, during and after the exposure of a number of rabies vaccine fraud or quality events, once to the vaccine industry in China bring greater impact. Due to scientific reports, parents believe, or even refuse to vaccinate their children. And Sinovac biotech in the released information or accept media interviews consistently uphold the principle of scientific and rigorous attitude, within its capacity to provide, dissemination of accurate and reliable information.

For example in April this year, Xinhua news agency said in a news release, "who spokesman Gregory Hartl said 3 days, the organization has not yet found evidence of human to human transmission in the avian epidemic, however, have been found out the virus variation, easy to infection of human." And we on the Internet to find the world health organization related to the conference video and text records verified found, spokesman said "variation" is against the previous h7n9 only in avian spread, is not to say that after people are infected with some variations. So, we issued the relevant links in micro-blog, and inform the Planning Commission spokesman. Through him and related media communication, media gradually released the World Health Organization h7n9 susceptible to human "is a translation of the misreading" news correction.

Chinese science newspaper chief editor Chen Peng: the responsibility and power of science media

The growth of an emerging industry, is inseparable from the support of the government, enterprise and public; and positive guidance of public opinion, to strive for the support from all walks of life, for the industry create a good external environment is essential.

In China, the biotechnology industry is a promising emerging industries. From the economic point of view, the biotechnology industry in the global economic crisis to achieve contrarian growth, has become a world recognized the next hot spot is China will adjust the structure, steady growth, and to strive to have one of the main battlefield of the status of the world; from the point of view of society, after decades of economic development, the majority of our people's quality of life have higher pursuit, and biological industry is meet the demands of the people of the important field of constructing a harmonious society is of far-reaching significance.

As the only backed by top Chinese scientists group science media, we are deeply for the biotech industry to create a good atmosphere for public opinion, to promote the realization of scientific development of great responsibility.

We need to clarify the concept. Public awareness of biotechnology industry a high degree of concern, but facing the emerging new concept and new terminology, there knowledge update slow, easy to be of some of the media to follow the trend of speculation misleading. We will closely follow the industry process, by top experts in the field of authoritative interpretation, and constantly improve the public knowledge and scientific literacy.

We need to build the model. One of the most important characteristics of emerging industries, developed countries have no significant first mover advantage. We stand on the same starting line, the beneficial exploration China also has a strong guiding significance. We want to continue to have the responsibility of enterprises in the industry, highlights of research institutions and successful typical character of the drum and call, in a typical demonstration to promote the healthy development of the industry.

We want to build a think tank. Wide participation and community discussion, is necessary to explore the development of emerging industries. "Chinese Science News" backed by China's top academic resources, build exchange platform for the authority, and the establishment of an industry think tank, provide theoretical source for the biotech industry, provide a reference for the government departments, we are duty bound.

The biological technology and industry in China Development Forum - Bio Industry and social responsibility forum "was held. It is one of the initiatives we construction of bio industry think tank. In the future, we will continue to to the power of science, for the healthy development of the emerging industries escort; by the power of the media, "China dream" as soon as possible to make greater contributions to.