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China oligochitosan industry ushered in the spring to boost

Date:2015-05-19 11:45:09 Writer:Weikang

On May 15, 2014, to preach the good news, in Weikang biological group efforts to urge, which lasted two years, the state formally approved the chitosan oligosaccharide as a new food raw materials. This marks the development of Chinese chitosan oligosaccharide industry ushered in the spring.

On May 16, the first time to get the message of the silver century health industry group chairman Zou Shengcan, Shandong Cole biological medicine science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Shengtian etc. well-known health care products enterprise immediately gathered in Linyi, into the Weikang Biotechnology Park, then China chitosan oligosaccharide. Weikang Biology Group Chairman Wang Zongji, executive vice president Liu Zhongwei, general manager Wang Yuping, group leaders attended the forum.

In the group under the leadership of the chairman and other Wang Zongji accompanied, Zou Shengcan chairman, Wang Shengtian chairman, first visited the China Science and Technology Museum chitin, chairman of Zou Shengcan Wang Shengtian surprised in Weikang on chitosan oligosaccharide achievement.

Subsequently, Zou Shengcan chairman, Wang Shengtian chairman and other a row and Weikang biology group leaders for a summit forum. Throughout the symposium is conducted in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, various enterprises on behalf of people speak freely, for the healthy development of China of chitosan oligosaccharide industry offer advice and suggestions.

Chairman Wang Zongji on behalf of Wei Kang biological group introduced the current development situation of Wei kang. Weikang biology group was established for 15 years, has always focused on chitin (and chitosan, chitosan, glucosamine derivatives) research and development, production and promotion work and with the CAS Institute of Marine Research Institute, Shanghai Ocean University and authoritative research institutions established cooperative relations in scientific research, establish is currently China's largest jacket) Science and Technology Park, the market throughout the country. In addition, the chairman Wang Zongji also briefed the guests in detail introduced the Wei Kang is currently being applied in the marketing mode and broadcasting mode and the future is about to turn to the direct sales model.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Zou Shengcan from main products, project reporting and corporate positioning the silver century the current status and future direction of development. The chairman of the board of directors of the Wang Shengtian is from the health care products industry development law, talked about the health care products companies often face the problems and deal with the law, and was amazed at how Kang of the pace of development as well as to direct superior strategic vision.

As facilitates oligochitosan become countries of new food resources Weikang biology group, chairman Wang Zongji finally said, in the future, Wei Kang to continue to increase the strength of research and development of chitosan oligosaccharide, research and development of more and better quality of chitooligosaccharides health products, for the benefit of China's elderly health, do do greatly strong China chitooligosaccharides health industry.


Visit a gram - Science and Technology Museum

Visit a gram - Science and Technology Museum

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